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January - Judy Reeves - "Tell Me A Stry: Using Techniques of Fiction to Craft a Compelling Memoir or Narrative Nonfiction"

February -Nancy Lynée Woo - "Surprise the Line: Poetry for All Writers"



January - Tom Jordan - “Writing Out Loud: Turning Your Work into an Audiobook”
February - Janet Simcic - “Turning My Travel into Fiction”
March - Gwendolyn Womack - “Intuitive Writing: Strengthening Your Sixth Sense At The Keyboard”
April - Greta Boris - “Choosing Your Characters’ Personality Types”
May - Anne Cleeland - “Have You Found Nemo? How To Turn Your First Draft Into An Engaging And Cohesive Page-Turner”
June - Ara Grigorian - “Story Beats: Your Story’s Heartbeat”
July - Panel: “How To Build A Brand And Market Your Work”
Jynafer Yanez – Marketing Consultant, Sarah Dupree – Personal Brand Photographer, J.L. Hendricks, USA Today Bestselling Author
August - Glen Erik Hamilton - “First Class Ticket: Your Setting Is Your Hook”
September - Matt Pallamary: “Guerrilla Marketing”
October - Nancy Cole Silverman: “From Concept To First Draft In Six Months Or Less: A Writer’s Guide To Expediting A Writer’s Process”
November - Christopher Lentz: “Location, Location, Location: Using Iconic Historical Places In Fiction”
and many, many more...
Cal Writers, Orange County Branch, was founded in 2001 and has hosted more than 100 speakers since then. In the box to the left are some of the other names:

Katie Mayberry


20 Years of Program History


Carolyn See 

Christina Hoag 

J. Ryan Stradal  (Kitchens of the Great Midwest)

D. P. Lyle, M.D.

Susan Straight

D. P. Lyle

Lisa Napoli

Carolyn See

Andrew Tonkovich

Nick Cole

Denise Hamilton

J. Ryan Stradal

Martin J. Smith

David Putnam

Diane Vallere

Claudie Suzanne

Christopher Lynch

Laurie Stevens

Mike Foley

Jill Amadio

Lee Ann Krusemark

Helen Sedwick

Katie Mayberry

Larry and Lorna Collins

Amy Friedman

David Congalton

Alison Singh Gee

Nancy Spiller

...and many more