Tom Jordan - January 2019 - "Writing Out Loud: Turning Your Work Into An Audiobook"

Janet Simcic - February 2019

- "Turning My Travel Into Fiction"


Greta Boris - April 2019 -

Choosing Your Characters' Types in Fiction"


Our Speakers Gallery 2019-2021

Ara Grigorian - June 2019 - "Story Beats:

Your Story's Heartbeat"

Sarah Dupree, Jynafer Yanez, J.L. Hendricks (l to r)

July 2019 - "Branding and Marketing Your Book"

Glen Erik Hamilton - August 10

 “First Class Ticket: Your Setting Is Your Hook”

Anne Cleeland -May 2019

"Have You Found Nemo? How to Turn Your First  DraftInto a Cohesive Page-Turner" https//

2019 Speakers

February 2020

Nancy Lynée Woo

"Surprise the Line:

Poetry for All Writers"

Nancy Cole Silverman - October 12

“From Concept To First Draft In Six Months Or Less: A Writer’s Guide To Expediting A Writer’s Process”

Matthew J. Pallamary - September 15

“Guerrilla Marketing”

Christopher Lentz - November 9

“Location, Location, Location: Using Iconic Historical Places In Fiction”

Open Microphone - December 14

Our Members Read 3-Minute

Stories or Excerpts of Their

Written Works

Gwendolyn Womack - March 2019 -

"Intuitive Writing:

Strengthening Your Sixth Sense at the Keyboard"

April 2020

Event Cancelled

Due to Coronavirus 

March 2020

Susie Schaefer

"Finish Your Book: Everything You

Need to Know About Self-Publishing”

May 2020

Maddie Margarita

“How to Handle Author Interviews”

courtesy of Long Beach chapter

June 2020

Kali Wallace via Zoom

Writing Effective Description & Atmosphere"

August 2020

Kim Dwinell via Zoom

"Creating The Graphic Novel"

July 2020

Joan Gelfand via Zoom

"You Can Be A Winning Writer"

September 2020

Cherie Kephart via Zoom

"Soul Therapy: The Spirit of Writing"

October 2020

Patrick Coleman via Zoom

"Writing Across Genres"

2020 Speakers

January 2020

Judy Reeves

"Tell Me A Story: Using the Techniques of Fiction

for Nonfiction"

2021 Speakers

November 2020

Maggie Downs via Zoom

"Writing A Memorable Memoir"

December 2020

Members via Zoom

"3-Minute Open Mic Readings"

January 2021

Jason Anspach

"Making Your Brand

The Star Of The Show"