November - Janis Thomas - "Lessons Learned on the Path to Publication"

September - Karen Gorback - "Writing Dazzling Dialogue"

July - Janet F. Willliams - "How to Make Your Writing Deliciously Intimate"

June - Jeff Lyons - "Anatomy of a Premise Line"

May - Mary Vensel White - "Getting Out and Staying In: Making Writing Connections and Editing Tips and Tricks"

April - Will Zeilinger and Janet Lynn - "Finding and Building Your Story"

March - Andy Peloquin "Villans and Antagonists " (at 1888 Center)

February -  Jeffrey Michaels - "Write From the Heart"

January - Christina Hoag "Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone"

Cal Writers, Orange County Branch, was founded in 2001 and has hosted more than 100 speakers since then. Here are some of the other names:

Susan Straight

D. P. Lyle

Lisa Napoli

Carolyn See

Andrew Tonkovich

Nick Cole

Denise Hamilton

J. Ryan Stradal

Martin J. Smith

David Putnam

Diane Vallere

Claudie Suzanne

Christopher Lynch

Laurie Stevens

Mike Foley

Jill Amadio

Lee Ann Krusemark

Helen Sedwick

Katie Mayberry

Larry and Lorna Collins

Amy Friedman

David Congalton

Alison Singh Gee

Nancy Spiller

...and many more

Lisa Napoli

D. P. Lyle, M.D.

Katie Mayberry


18 Years of Program History


Carolyn See 

Christina Hoag 

J. Ryan Stradal  (Kitchens of the Great Midwest - October 2017)

Jeff Lyons