Tom Jordan - January 2019 - "Writing Out Loud: Turning Your Work Into An Audiobook"

Janet Simcic - February 2019

- "Turning My Travel Into Fiction"


Greta Boris - April 2019 -

Choosing Your Characters' Types in Fiction"


Our Speakers Gallery 2019-2022

Ara Grigorian - June 2019 - "Story Beats:

Your Story's Heartbeat"

Sarah Dupree, Jynafer Yanez, J.L. Hendricks (l to r)

July 2019 - "Branding and Marketing Your Book"

Glen Erik Hamilton - August 10

 “First Class Ticket: Your Setting Is Your Hook”

Anne Cleeland -May 2019

"Have You Found Nemo? How to Turn Your First  DraftInto a Cohesive Page-Turner" https//

2019 Speakers

February 2020

Nancy Lynée Woo

"Surprise the Line:

Poetry for All Writers"

Nancy Cole Silverman - October 12

“From Concept To First Draft In Six Months Or Less: A Writer’s Guide To Expediting A Writer’s Process”

Matthew J. Pallamary - September 15

“Guerrilla Marketing”

Gwendolyn Womack - March 2019 -

"Intuitive Writing:

Strengthening Your Sixth Sense at the Keyboard"

April 2020

Event Cancelled

Due to Coronavirus 

March 2020

Susie Schaefer

"Finish Your Book: Everything You

Need to Know About Self-Publishing”

May 2020

Maddie Margarita

“How to Handle Author Interviews”

courtesy of Long Beach chapter

June 2020

Kali Wallace via Zoom

Writing Effective Description & Atmosphere"

August 2020

Kim Dwinell via Zoom

"Creating The Graphic Novel"

July 2020

Joan Gelfand via Zoom

"You Can Be A Winning Writer"

September 2020

Cherie Kephart via Zoom

"Soul Therapy: The Spirit of Writing"

October 2020

Patrick Coleman via Zoom

"Writing Across Genres"

2020 Speakers

January 2020

Judy Reeves

"Tell Me A Story: Using the Techniques of Fiction

for Nonfiction"

2021 Speakers

November 2020

Maggie Downs via Zoom

"Writing A Memorable Memoir"

December 2020

Members via Zoom

"3-Minute Open Mic Readings"

January 2021

Jason Anspach

"Making Your Brand

The Star Of The Show"

February 2021

Seth Wagerman
"Using Psychology to Master Character Development"

March 2021

Pam Sheppard
"What Is A Comp and

Why Is It So Important?"

April 2021

P.J. Colando

"I Write Funny

And So Can You"

May 2021

Deborah A. Lott

"Writing About Trauma"

June 2021

Dennis Crosby

"Marketing In The Covid Era"

July 2021

Jeri Westerson

Author's Journey

August 2021

RD Kardon

"Incorporating Technical Expertise without Losing the Reader"

September 2021

Gayle Carline

"Rhythm, Pace, and Amusement"

Gayle Carline's Amazon Profile

Open Microphone - December 14

Our Members Read 3-Minute

Stories or Excerpts of Their

Written Works

October 2021

Jasmin Iolani Hakes

"We Are What Happens To Us"

November 2021

Joy Lanzendorfer

"Writing A Historical Family Saga"

2022 Speakers

January 2022

Matt Coyle

"The Right Way to Write

A Series"

February 2022

Sheila Lowe

"Reading Between the Lines on Your Path to Publication"

March 2022

Sheri Fink

"Adventures in Independent Children’s Book Publishing for Fun and Profit"

April 2022

Joe Ide

"Writing The Killer Crime Novel"

May 2022

Joe Donnelly

"Navigating the Long Road to Have Written"

June 2022

Alicia Doyle

"Author's Journey Series"

July 2022

Jennifer J. Chow

"Writing Cozy Mysteries for Modern Readers"

August 2022

Gustavo Hernandez

"How Setting Amplifies Writing"

September 2022

Kaira Rouda

"Author's Journey Series (Interview)"

Christopher Lentz - November 9

“Location, Location, Location: Using Iconic Historical Places In Fiction”

October 2022

Anne Cleeland

"How To Quit Your Day Job"

November 2022

D.J. MacHale

"If You Can't Stand The Heat...Stay In The Kitchen and Write About It"

December 2022

Holiday Special Event

"Member Open Mic

2-Minute Readings"